New 2019 photos added

I finally added more photos to the 2019 album. So far this is the only album that is complete, but only because I am posting as I am drinking the beers (for the most part!) Enjoy the photos!


Starting Off Slow

Well, as I said before, this site is taking a lot longer than expected. I have though, started the album pages for 2013, 2014, and of course 2019, since that one I just upload as I go, but editing all the old photos is where it is time consuming. Anyway, you can already see the way the photos have progressed within these 3 started galleries. More photos will be uploaded as I go. Cheers!

Taking Long…

Well, creating this portfolio page is taking me longer than I thought it would. I am going through all my photos throughout the years and adding my new watermark on each, and doing some minor edits to each photo, so it’s taking some time. I promise I will get this page up and running in full form soon.